(Last Updated On: August 27, 2021)

Capacitors are devices used to store an electric charge for feeding other devices with stable power.

Almost all appliances have both high and low voltage capacitors. High voltage capacitors can hold a fatal charge for a long time even after unplugging the appliance. So it is imperative to discharge the capacitor prior working on it.

How To Safely Discharge A Capacitor?

Here are the steps on how to discharge a capacitor:

1. Turn off and unplug the appliance.

2. Remove the side cover panel.

3. Locate the capacitor.

4. To discharge the capacitor you have to perform electrical short using a screwdriver to release the electric charge:

5. Hold the screwdriver by its insulated handle. Do not touch any bare metal part of the tool.

6. Using the screwdriver, short the capacitor circuit by connecting two terminal of the capacitor. This should release capacitor’s internal electric charge.

7. Repeat step 6 if there is more than one high voltage capacitor in the unit.

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