(Last Updated On: August 28, 2021)

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If magnetron handled improperly and negligently, it may become harmful to human health. The ceramics can emit toxic compounds which are harmful when it is airborne.

Magnetron pink/white output antenna dome and internal stem is made of ceramics.

How to safely handle or dispose a Magnetron?


These ceramics may contain beryllium oxide. This can be very toxic when its particles become airborne. You should be very careful to not scratch or smash the ceramic part of magnetron. This is why regular waste and scrap yards do not accept magnetrons. It considered hazardous material and should be handled accordingly by hazardous material management company.

Your local government should have a designated place and provide specific instructions on how to safely dispose the hazardous material in your area. Larger cities and metropolitan areas should have designated yards and residents of smaller towns usually should make a call to schedule the appointment for pick up.

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