(Last Updated On: August 29, 2021)

If your microwave turns on but there is no heat, it means that the magnetron doesn’t receive a power or it is defective. Before replacing the magnetron, you need to test other components first. To cut the troubleshooting time, you can plug your microwave via voltmeter to see if it is still consuming enough electricity.

If it is still consuming enough electricity, this will mean that either high voltage capacitor or the magnetron is defective. First Discharge the capacitor and start testing the following parts:

High Voltage Capacitor – It may not hold enough charge to properly feed the Microwave.

High Voltage Diode – It may be shorted or out of order.

Magnetron – It may be defective or shorted ( If shorted replace the high voltage diode as well)

If it is not consuming enough electricity, it will mean that the transformer stopped feeding the high voltage capacitor. You can also test this when you try to discharge the capacitor. If there is no spark when you short the terminals on the capacitor, it means that there is no power supply to it. When the transformer stops feeding the high voltage capacitor, it could be from the following:

Shorted high voltage fuse.

Stuck Interlock relay switch on Power Control Board.

Defective Transformer.

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