(Last Updated On: August 29, 2021)

There are couple things that may cause a microwave to turn-on by itself. It depends on type and model of the microwave.

Some microwaves may come with heat sensitive touchpad panel. In some rare cases, this touchpad can be triggered by simple heat coming from the range/stove. This is true mostly for cooktop (over stove) microwave models.

Here are the most common issues and related articles to this topic:

Problem 1: If microwave functions properly except that it may occasionally turn-on by itself, it can be caused by faulty touchpad or membrane keypad.

Solution: Reset and unplug the unit. If this will not resolve the problem, replace the control panel touchpad

Problem 2: If the microwave light and motor is on but there is no heat or turntable does not spin. There is a related article about this issue. Please click here.

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