List of Frequently Asked Questions

Certified-part is committed to ensuring clients use our services without any complications. And that’s why we have devised a lot of means to ensure every client enjoys our services. We understand, there are various clients using our services, and they all have some questions relating to our services. Some of these questions have been asked directly through the contact us page. And that’s the need for a FAQ page; this page answers every question on issues you might face while using our services. To help clients enjoy our services fully without stress, we complied with the list of questions that are common with our past and present clients. As a whole, it includes questions people ask about order processing, warranty, shipping and parts conditions. Some of these questions are extracted out of the many questions that clients ask about our products and services as a whole. In addition, these questions cover issues that clients have consistently reached out to us to help them resolve. In our quest to make our website extremely friendly to our clients, the answers are written clearly and concise (short paragraphs). This section is useful for returning clients and new clients trying to find their way around our services. However, if you can’t find any question that addresses your needs, you can send the question in the comment section, or you can reach out to us via the contact page.