Error Codes, Diagnostics & Repair Tips

We have written different articles here to help solve any problem that you might be having you’re your appliances. While using the appliances there are issues that are bound to arise due to usage. And that’s why this section was created, there are different information and articles offering troubleshooting help for our clients. It contains all the help you need in handling your appliance when it develops a certain fault. These pieces of information were gathered after analyzing some of the problems that people contact the customer service to help them solve. We ensure these articles are as short as possible to ensure they don’t bore you out. At the same, they are comprehensive and straightforward to offer you the exact solutions you need. Is your microwave malfunctioning, or do you have some issues with your dishwashers? At times, you might need answers to some questions about testing capacitors, or the Diode rectifier? This section offers every solution you will need regarding testing and operating your appliances without errors.  You don’t need a third party before fixing your appliances, issues common to appliances have been addressed here. Asides from offering diagnostic tips, this section also addresses how you can deal with error codes.