(Last Updated On: August 28, 2021)

Touchpad does not respond: Determine why the touchpad in your microwave will not work. Learn to inspect the membrane switch, and the control board.

Unusual noise: When your microwave starts making loud and unusual noises it can mean any number of things. Learn to checkthe drive motor, magnetron, drive coupler, roller guide, high voltage diode, and cooling fan.

Doesn’t shut off: Repair a microwave that will not shut off. Learn to inspect the door interlock switch, and the smart board.

No heat: If your microwave is not heating you need to inspect the high voltage diode, the door switch, and the magnetron. Learn to test these parts and repair your microwave.

Won’t turn on: Figure out why your microwave will not turn on. Learn how to inspect the door switch, ceramic fuse, thermal fuse, and door latch assembly.

Tray won’t turn:When the tray in your microwave will not turn there might be a problem with drive motor, coupler, or roller guide.

Door not closing properly: If the door of your microwave won’t close you cannot use the appliance, it will not start. If you are having issues with the door on your microwave we recommend inspecting the door latch assembly and the torsion springs.

Door stuck closed: You might have an issue with the door latch lever or button if your microwave will not open. Find out how to test and replace the latch assembly on your microwave.

Exhaust fan not working: Repair a microwave exhaust fan that has stopped working. It could be as simple as changing out the charcoal filter or grease filter. Learn how to inspect these parts and more.

Other / No symptom: Sparking: If you notice your microwave is creating sparks while running you need to inspect the internal cavity, high voltage diode, and the stirrer assembly. Learn to test these parts and repair your microwave.

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